Is the Bluebird Photobooth a beautiful addition to the lovely details on our wedding day?

Why yes it is, that’s our goal.  Bluebird Photobooths are custom one-of-a-kind, vintage-modern inspired photo booths.   They are designed to be elegant accoutrements to any wedding décor.  We would love to create a custom setup to make your photo booth station a seamless part of your wedding reception style.  Ask about curtain and tablecloth colors, table decorations, custom graphics, or anything that you can dream up!

How does the photo booth work?

Bluebird Photobooth uses a fully automatic one-touch system.  When you enter the booth a large touchscreen monitor will have a live preview image so you can instantly see what your pictures will look like.  Choose color or black & white on the screen, then hit “GO” to trigger a series of four photographs by a single touch of the screen.  The screen displays a 5 second count-down for each photo, but make sure you look up at the camera!  After the fourth photograph is taken, your photo strips will be ready in less than 20 seconds. 

What if my guests want extra prints after the event?

All of your photos will be available to view on our secure password-protected website after the event.  Downloads are free!  Options to purchase prints or  other photo merchandise will be available at reasonable prices.

Can I choose the type of print layout, and is there a custom graphic option?  

Absolutely!  We have a basic sidebar graphic where your event name/title will be printed.  Or you can choose to have it customized by our designers with your logo, colors or fonts to make it more personalized.  You can choose 2×6 photo strips or 4×6 photo collages.  The strip option has smaller images, but it is an easy way to get double prints for no extra cost.  See gallery page for samples.

Can we do double prints for a photo strip guestbook?

Yes, we have 2 options for double prints.  If you choose the 2×6 strip style, double prints are included at no extra charge!  If you choose the collage style print, you can pay for double prints.  It just depends on what style of print you want and what your budget is.  See our BLOG for a detailed description of how our prints work.

What does the $100 Guestbook fee cover?

This fee is not for the book alone, this fee is mainly to cover the staff member who carefully helps the guests and assembles the book -it’s a lot of work!  Of course it also covers the book, all supplies and a table.  

Can we provide our own Guestbook?

Yes, you sure can.  You will need to also provide a table and someone to be in charge of the table/book.  We will happily direct your guests to the table but after that, we don’t do anything with your book.  You can alternatively choose to use your own book and pay our staff member, and that fee will be just $50.  Let us know if you have questions regarding this.  We take great pride in doing the guestbook and it is a lot of work!

How big is the photo booth, and how many people will it fit?

The Bluebird Photobooth is 3 feet wide, 6 feet long, and 6.5 feet tall.  Two to three adults fit comfortably on the bench, but feel free to pack in as many as you can! 

Do you offer discounts to Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, we most definitely do.  Please let us know how our business can support your organization.

Our event requires a high degree of privacy for our guests.  How can we ensure maximum privacy in regards to digital copies of the photos?

We have worked with a variety of clients who require utmost privacy, from corporate fundraisers to intimate Hollywood weddings.  Please feel free to discuss your privacy concerns with us, there are a number of steps we can take to ensure only you and your guests see your images.

Photobooth Locations

California Photobooths

San Luis Obispo Photo Booth
Santa Barbara Photo Booth
Monterey Photo Booth
Paso Robles Photo Booth
Santa Maria Photo Booth
Santa Margarita Photo Booth

Minnesota Photobooths

Minneapolis Photobooth
St. Paul Photo Booth
Maple Grove Photo Booth
St. Cloud Photo Booth
Fergus Falls Photo Booth