FREE Double Strips! Best Photobooth Deal includes DOUBLE PRINTS – Photo Booth Print Options

Most of you {{LOVE}} having double prints, so your guests can keep a copy and you keep a copy.  At Bluebird Photobooth we have options for our print styles.  Not only can you choose BLACK and WHITE or COLOR  but you can choose between PRINT LAYOUTS.

The STRIP STYLE is the traditional photo booth look.  The bonus here is that you automatically get DOUBLE PRINTS included with no additional cost.  It’s a 4×6 print that when cut in half is 2×6.

Our photobooth attendant will cut the strips for you right there.  If you have a photobooth scrapbook/guestbook, our attendant(s) will then place the copy in the book and ask your guests to sign it.

The  COLLAGE STYLE is a 4×6 print with the 4 photos arranged to fill the entire print.  People like this style because each of the photos are larger and it fits in a 4×6 frame.  If you choose this style and wanted double prints, you would pay the additional fee to print out a 2nd 4×6 each time.  The sidebar is also larger on this print style.

There are actually endless formats and layouts we can configure.  We can also print larger prints such as 5×7.  Let us know if there is something else we can do to create the style or look you are hoping for.

Striving to give you the BEST photo booth options!