SLOCA Photo Booth Fundraiser Tibor Canyon Ranch Photobooth

Let’s hear it for the San Luis Obispo Classical Academy!  This is an amazing school full of amazing kids and incredible staff and educators.  This year’s annual fundraiser was held outdoors at Tibor Canyon Ranch in the upper hills of Arroyo Grande, on a manzanita and oak mountainscape with a rustic yet classy barn, beautiful patio dining area, and a pocket olive grove nestled in a historic apricot grove dating back to WWI!  The fundraiser theme was renaissance “Venice Carnivale”, and the crowd was dressed to impress with all sorts of outrageous masks.  Bluebird Photobooth was in the house!  Or rather, on the back lawn, where we had a great time with all the guests mingling just off the side of the wine bar where Opolo and Talley wines were generously served.  Jeff Faber of Opolo poured a variety of reds and whites which wowed the crowd. There isn’t much better than working our photo booth in the hills of Arroyo Grande with the SLOCA crowd…Thanks everyone!!

Even the staff from Alphy’s Broiler jumped into the photo booth!