Bluebird Photobooth: Santa Barbara Zoofari Ball Photo Booth

Greetings Photobooth fans!  A late post here about the Santa Barbara Zoofari Ball event held on August 27, 2011.  Bluebird Photobooth had the great fortune to be a part of this Santa Barbara event, and what an event it was.  If you haven’t ever been to a Zoofari Ball, put it on your to-do list!   Lisa Carter of Behind the Scenes event planning and all the Santa Barbara Zoo staff went to extraordinary lengths to bring the “Midnight at the Oasis” Moroccan theme to life, from traditional food to themed drinks and incredible set designs.  The Bluebird Photobooth was stationed in the Flying Carpet Lounge near a huge open bar, leather couches, appetizers, deserts and gorgeous floor pillows.  A huge dance floor was set out near the dining area at the top of the hill, and great live music jammed all night.  Check out the complete Bluebird Photobooth gallery from Zoofari HERE.

Bluebird Photobooth always brings a killer prop bag, but the surprise prop of the night was the rubber cobra, a decoration at the event.  I think the rubber cobra will become a permanent part of our prop bag!