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There are quite a few options for photobooth prints.  Most photo booths have a variation of two popular choices:

Four Square Photobooth 4×6

Traditional (Old School) Photo Booth Strip 

You can see that it is mostly a preference of style and a bit of cost difference.

The Four Square Photobooth 4×6 is a newer style layout and is seen quite often for digital photo booths these days.  If you choose, you can have the booth print out duplicate prints for an extra fee and your guests will put that in the scrapbook.

The Traditional Photo Booth Strip eliminates the need to purchase double prints because your guests just use the supplies we provide to cut it in half.  They keep one half and you get the other in the scrapbook!  It’s super easy for your guests because we provide all the tools necessary… and with one swipe of the papercutter, there are 2 photo strips!  The photos are smaller in the strip, but most people expect this with a strip of photos.. heck it’s the way it’s always been!  See below for an example of how the photo is cut.